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Why don't you arrange house swaps or house exchanges? " Click Here

Why don't you have as many houses available as some of the secular house sitting websites? Click Here

Why can't I see the list of available houses before I register? Click Here

Why can't I see a full list of home owners and house sitters? " Click Here

What jobs can an Owner ask Sitters to perform in return for the use of the house? Click Here

You sometimes have only a few houses listed on the site. Why? Click Here

What about Security? Is my house safe? Click Here

As an owner can I charge rent? Click Here

Can I charge for Utilities? Click Here

Do Owners need to actually own the property? Click Here

How many houses do you have in...... ? Click Here

When do you remove house listings? Click Here

When Should I join? Click Here

How do I join? Click Here

Why do you charge? Click Here

How can I change my details? Click Here

Can I Earn Money From House Sitting? Click Here

Do I ask for a deposit from House Sitters? Click Here

Must the Registered Sitter be present for the House Sit? Click Here

Will people know my details? Click Here

Looking after Animals. Click Here

Can You Guarantee a House Sit? Click Here

Are there minimum and or maximum lengths to a house Sit? Click Here