A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.

Why don't you have as many houses available as some of the secular house sitting websites?

There are a couple of reasons.

Firstly our pool of potential members is naturally smaller as we only accept people who are members of a recognised Christian church.

But that is not the only reason. I have been doing some research. In fact in order to do the research I ended up having to join a few secular sites. I discovered that most of the houses shown on their sites are not actually available. This is because many of these sites do not remove any listing until the end of the available period.

We, on the other hand, ask our members to inform us as soon as a house is taken and we then immediately remove the listing. This saves our sitters the frustration of applying for houses that are no longer available. To be honest occasionally owners do forget to inform us. But as soon as a sitter lets us know that they are not getting a reply from an owner or that the owner has replied saying the house has been taken we investigate and if the house has been taken we remove that listing.

Finally our houses are made available for vacations purposes. Through my research into some of the secular sites I was astounded to see that a lot are not vacation offers but simply a way of trying to get free labour.

Here are some real examples "Someone with building experience  to help with renovation of the house. "

Another said " Nightwatch the hotel do some gardening, some cleaning, sometimes making breakfast, welcoming clients. Check in clients. In spring and summer we have our own staff which you will be ‘ working' with. In winter you will be alone, working with us."

To my way of thinking these are not vacations. They are job opportunities and for jobs with no wages.

Our listings are for a genuine vacation!