A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.


Christian House Sitters is part of a UK registered charity called TLC-Children's Trust. Registered Charity Number 1156786
Christian House Sitters is a Worldwide ministry that started in order to provide vacations for Christians and sitters for owners who needed a reliable Christian to look after their home, pets and garden. House owners do not pay anything to have their property listed.House sitters are only charged £25 per year and in return for this some enjoy numerous vacations each year.
All fees from membership go to sponsor food for children at the Home of Peace Children's Home in Kenya. This only supplies about a quarter of what is needed to feed the children so we urgently need sponsors.
N.B. Joining Christian House Sitters does NOT commit you to sponsoring a child or giving any support beyond your membership fee to these children. Although naturally if you want to support that would be greatly appreciated.
Regular sponsors give £20 per month for the children's food. Anyone who can't make a monthly commitment can naturally give an occasional gift.


We are Marilyn & Ray White. A fun loving Christian couple who have been in Christian work for over 30 years. Marilyn was born in England but moved to Zimbabwe as a baby. At the age of 16 she moved to South Africa. Ray was born in South Africa and grew up on a farm. We met in Johannesburg and got married in 1966.
Ray worked in business for many years then he worked for Youth for Christ in South Africa then went on to Bible College and Pastored a church.
In 1982 we moved from South Africa to England.
In addition to his theological training Ray trained in Psychology and since moving to the UK he has lectured in Psychology, counselled for the NHS and we opened a Christian Counselling Centre.
Marilyn is also a trained counsellor and manager.
In addition to the counselling we trained Christian counsellors both in our local area and by invitation in other areas of the UK. In total over 700 people completed the training courses. Many are serving the Lord by working in or through their local churches.
We also ran a secular Stress Management business.
We are now retired and focus our time and attention on Christian House Sitters (CHS), Home of Peace (the children's home that is supported by CHS), TLC Children's Trust TLC Children's Trust (the charity that handles all the income from CHS and all funds for the children's home.
Ray also has an active ministry preaching at various churches and running seminars by invitation.
Ray served as a member of our Church Leadership Team for many years until we moved from Sussex to Somerset.
He has written three books.


A few years ago we did a 2 month House Sit in France. Whilst there we felt the Lord leading us to set up a Christian House Sitting service. Since then we have done a number of other house sits.
We believe this site will benefit many Christians around the world.
You can easily contact us using the contact link in the menu on the left of this page.

Our full details are:
Marilyn & Ray White
Water Street
Seavington St Michael
TA19 0QH
U.K. PHONE 07801 250061

NOTE: If you want a fast reply the best way to contact us is via the contact page on this web site.
God bless you,
Ray & Marilyn