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House Sitting Explained.

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The concept of House Sitting is new to a lot of people. As a result we have received many emails requesting that we explain the system.
In essence it is very simple. A House Sitter moves into your home while you are away on vacation. They look after your home and pets for you and in return they receive a rent free vacation in your home.
The house owner saves money by not having to pay anyone to look after their home and pets.
They have the security of knowing that their home and pets are being looked after by a responsible Christian.
The House Sitter gets to travel and stay in lovely homes rather than an expensive and often characterless hotel room.
For example Marilyn & I spent a couple of months living in France. It was something we could not have afforded without being house sitters. We became part of the local community and had a lovely time. In return we looked after a beautiful house and their dogs and cats.
Please do read our FAQ page as most questions are answered there.
If, after that, you still have questions feel free to contact us and we will try to answer them.