A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.

Why don't you arrange house swaps or house exchanges?

I know that there are some excellent web sites around that do offer this service and we could easily have done so but after careful and prayerful consideration we decided not to offer it because we feel it is too restrictive.

It greatly limits the available choices for our members. We have found that it is better not to limit yourself to a direct swap. You can have someone look after your house and you in turn can find a house to look after without it necessarily being a direct swap.

So for example someone in America may want to visit the UK, a home owner in the UK may want to go to France and there may be a member in France keen to visit Australia finally there could be someone in Australia wanting to go to the USA. If we were working on an exchange or swap basis we could not help any of these people but with our system they can all be satisfied.

Naturally  people who register with us, as both a sitter and an owner,  can mention in their profile that they would be interested in a direct swap. This will be displayed with their details. But they would not be restricted to a swap. They would have much more flexibility.