A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.


People sometimes worry about security. Is it safe to list your house or is that an announcement to say you will be away?
We believe that we have taken every step to ensure your security.
1. On the site you list only the general location such as town and country.
Only registered members can get to see even those details
2. You do not list your actual address.
3. Even your email address is not revealed until you decide to respond to someone who sends you a message via us saying that they are interested.
4. So even if someone becomes a member until you choose to tell them the specifics all they would know is that someone in your town is going to be on vacation.
5. Finally because you are listed most people will assume that while you are away you have a house sitter looking after the property. A house sitter whose references you have checked.
Naturally one has to take precautions. We strongly advise all home owners to get two references before entering into any agreement. As this is a Christian site and all members list their church connection we suggest one of the reference be obtained from their church leaders.
We also include a general outline of an agreement for both parties to sign. Note this is a general draft and you will need to adapt it to your specific situation.