A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.

Why can't I see the list of available houses before I register?

This seems a very reasonable question and it is something we could very easily arrange but we believe it would be wrong because it would encourage people to join because they have seen somewhere that meets their requirements. They could then register, wait while we process their application which can take up to 12 hours although it is usually quicker than that, they would then be notified how to login and apply for houses. By this time the house they saw may well have been taken. Some houses go very quickly. Others don't but houses in popular places can be snapped up fast.  We would rather have people pray about joining and if they feel it is God's will  for them they can then trust that God will make the right house, in the right place and at the right time available during their 12 months of membership. Our experience is that the vast majority of our sitters find a suitable house and in fact it is not unusual for sitters to have 3 or 4 different vacations in a year. One of our members took a year off to travel around the world. He and his wife found suitable houses in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, America, Canada, France, England and Wales.

During the entire 12 months they only had 2 periods without somewhere to stay rent-free. The first was a week and the second 11 days.

I hope these help you to understand why there are some things that we don't do even though at first glance they seem so reasonable