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You sometimes have only a few houses listed on the site. Why?

I am often asked how many houses we have available.

That is a really hard question to answer but I will do my best. We have around 500 people registered as Home Owners wanting a sitter. New Home Owners keep registering and that naturally adds to the number available.

But Home Owners do not all put up their houses at the same time.

Some may make their house available a few times every year. We have houses that are made available 4 or 5 times a year. Others may only need a sitter once a year or some even less frequently.

As a result the number of houses available is in a constant state of flux. Houses are listed at the times requested by the Home Owner. Some secular sites seem to have a vast store of available houses but there are very good reasons for this which are explained in the answer to a different question Click Here
Also as mentioned elsewhere many sites do not remove any listing until the end of the available period.

We, on the other hand, ask our members to inform us as soon as a house is taken and we then immediately remove the listing. This saves our sitters the frustration of applying for houses that are no longer available. To be honest occasionally owners do sometimes forget to inform us. But as soon as a sitter lets us know that they are not getting a reply from an owner or that the owner has replied saying the house has been taken we investigate and if the house has been taken we remove that listing.

Remember your membership is for 12 months. During that time you will see many houses made available and we pray theat you will find the ideal one for your needs.