A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.

Advice to Owners

Please remember that sitters are not there to work for you. They will look after your home and your animals as agreed but that is all. Our houses are made available for vacations purposes. Through my research into some of the secular sites I was astounded to see that a lot are not vacation offers but simply a way of trying to get free labour.

Information to be Supplied to Sitters.

We advise you to give at least the following basic information to your House Sitters.

A description of the accommodation including:

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

Kitchen: Facilities such as Microwave, Cooker Etc,

Heating facilities such as Central Heating, Open Fire etc.

Laundry Facilities.

Availability of Phone, Computer Access and TV.

Information about:

Your Church

Your Doctor.

Public Transport.

Availability of a bicycle etc.

An Emergency Contact number.

Your Vet (if they are looking after pets)

Local Facilities such as shops, etc.

If you leave food please make it very clear to the Sitters if you expect them to use it or to use and then replace it.

We highly recommend that House Sitters arrive at least a day before the Home Owner departs in order to get to know the home and animals

Suggested Agreement.

Remember this is a Christian House Sitting Service so we highly recommend that Home Owners obtain a character reference from the House Sitters local church and a second reference.
We also suggest that you draw up a brief agreement based on the following outline. This should be agreed and signed by both parties prior to the house sit. This is to prevent any future misunderstandings.
NOTE. This is just a suggested outline. The laws are different in every country. This should be used as a guide.

Agreement entered into between
Name of House Owner
Name of House Sitter
Address of the House Sit
Starting Date
Ending Date
Responsibilities of the House Sitter.
If you have animals please include specific clear details about feeding routine for your animals and how you expect your animals to be exercised. (If you want the animals exercised at specific times please tell your sitter so they can plan their free time.)
Specify how long you are happy for the house sitter to leave the house and pets unattended?
Owners are responsible for supplying food for their animals and any vet fees that may arise.
House Cleaning:
Please specify what cleaning you want done in your house each day.
If you require any gardening please specify exactly what you want done.
Reminder from our FAQ page.
Sitters are normally expected to pay their own phone bills, food etc. If it is a long-term ( over 3 months if you are in fulltime Christian work otherwise over 6 months) house sit and there are no animals to be looked after then naturally you can reach an agreement about utility bills. However if there are animals to be looked after we do not allow the charging of utilities unless the home owners are fulltime Christian workers. If in doubt please contact us and we will carefully and prayerfully evaluate each situation.
Please make it clear if the sitter can use any food that you leave behind and if they need to replace it before you return.This prevents misunderstandings later.
Please specify if you are happy for your House Sitter to entertain visitors in your home.
Please make certain that you are not going against any clause in your property insurance. The conditions vary between countries and indeed companies and we have never had a problem but do check. Normally the sitter is regarded as a guest because they are not paying or being paid.