A Worldwide Christian House Sitting Ministry.

Why can't I see a full list of home owners and house sitters?

In the beginning we used to do make these details available to all members so everyone could see anyone else and make contact but sadly people started using the information to send out spam or to pester people begging for their house or for them to house sit because they looked 'perfect'
It served no useful purpose.
The only sitters a home owner need to know about are those who apply for their house.
Likewise the only owner details the sitters ever need are for those who have a house available that interests them.
As a result we took the decision to completely stop that practice.
We can now promise our sitters that their details will only be revealed to the owners of houses that they apply for.
When they apply they will see the house details the owner listed but not the owner's email address or the actual address of the house. They then click an 'enquire' button which sends the owner their details such as their name, email, church membership, and a copy of their profile information. It is then up to the owner to email them and make any arrangements and discuss any details.
This solved a lot of problems and has made everything much safer for all our members.